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October 25, 2012
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"I am sick of these...."

These word's flow to your mind.What are you sick of? it's very simple,because of the no good Mr.Popular guy Alfred Jones fan girls screaming everywhere he goes.Anyway (Reader)-chan you know why are you sick of them Let me tell you the story ... You were reading the book :The Diary of a young girl (Side Comments:it's was a interesting book you must read it! :DD)in your cafeteria surly that is not a best place to read a book but it was different the cafeteria was quiet because there were three division of your cafeteria The Party division is the division in your cafeteria that you NEVER i repeat will never go to that area because

1.A lot of Slutty Girls.
2.You heard there was couple that have *** (If you know what i mean) there who got kick out the school.
3.Boy's who go there are no good guys.
and 4.Alfred Jones go there's to that table ALWAYS go there.

In the other division is the Normal Division now there is only two reason why you hate the normal division.

1.There's a lot of otaku there. (Side Comment's: Yes i am a 100% otaku but if your otaku also and your reading this let just say you hate otaku in this story k? =w=)

2.Crowded People.

Now the last Division in your cafeteria is your favorite place The quiet division now this division is like heaven to you because it's really quiet that you can rest,and only few people go here but it's changes today.
You heard footstep's coming to your way and girls screaming "Alfred!Alfred!"
'Great Mr Popular is here!' you said in your mind so you quickly leave before the division transform a party division.You quickly go to the library,your almost done with your book yep you were reading your book while your walking (well i did that sometimes xDD) until you have reach the quietly sat on the chair and became to read but after 30min..... a scream you heard again and it getting louder well...Mr.Popular guy enter AGAIN! you try to look for the librarian but you forgot every break time she is away but good thing the bell rang and everyone go to there classes.This last for a Whole Month yes a Whole Month of noise..You have enough so you rose up your chair and try to look for Mr.Popular guy after walking you found the scream and he is passing toward's you.It's now or ever...
"HEY MR.POPULAR GUY!!!" you scream that make's Alfred stop his action's and girls stop screaming it was dead silent

(America's POV~)
I can't believe my long time crush (name) talk to me.Surely she is a nerd but she is really cute i even ask Kiku to take picture of her without glasses and yes it become my greatest treasure.She is different that the other girls i try to confess to her every day but every time i go to the quiet division this Freaking Fangirls of mine following me when she left i follow her to the library but same result...

-(Name)-Chan POV~-
I became confidence to say to him that he need's to get away from me

"MR.POPULAR WOULD YOU PLEASE STOP FOLLOWING ME I HATE PERSON'S LIKE YOU!!!"You Screamed as you fell somebody holding your wrist wait it's Mr.Popular?? You blushed...You have a little crush on him you even ask Kiku about taking a picture of him and it became your great treasure but you were just sick of his fangirls.You can see Mr.Popular guy crying (ok ok let's not call him Mr.Popular anymore xD)
You and Alfred was lead to a empty and quiet room when you try to struggle,Alfred pinned you to the wall stil crying
"Why can't you can like GUY LIKE ME HUH??"Alfred Screamed you were silent and tears fall to your eye also
"I am sorry but it's  just ok i really like you but your fangirls ju-"
Alfred kiss your Lips.Wait What is this  really happening??you got kissed by Alfred and Alfred pull you into a tight hug and say
"I Love You My Sweet Girl"
I still have part 2 guys no worries :DDD
HELOOO!! xD yeah i think i create more gud news my laptop is fixed yesssh
Next:next week xD
:iconyesvictoryplz: ahh i fell so good about my self xDD
Edit after 17 hours: woah 500 view already!! :DDD i love you guys ^-^
Edit:Woah 75 comments haha thank you xDD

:iconsexyamericaplz: :iconsaysplz: nobody can handle my flirting

:iconharvestempress: :iconsaysplz: Umm Not everyone

:iconsexyamericaplz: :iconsaysplz: What?

:iconharvestempress: :iconsaysplz: N-Nothing :iconsitinthecornerplz:
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